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Colapesce Dimartino

La primavera della mia vita (SIGNED LP)


The original soundtrack of 'La primavera della mia vita' to be released on 24th February by CAM Sugar. Composed by Italian songwriters Colapesce Dimartino, who also star in the film, the record will be available in a limited edition of 200 signed LPs.

One of the most important Italian singer-songwriters of the last decade, Colapesce Dimartino have collected numerous number one hits on the radio as well as more than 70 million YouTube views with their 2021 summer hit "Musica leggerissima", which ranked in the top 5 at the 2021 Sanremo Festival and won the Lucio Dalla Press Room Award. In February 2023, with five platinum records behind them, Colapesce Dimartino return to the competition for the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival -  winning for the second time the Lucio Dalla Press Room Award and the Mia Martini's Critics Award - just before the release of the film in cinemas on 20th February. 

'La primavera della mia vita' is a compelling journey through the sounds of the CAM Sugar catalogue, which deeply inspired the compositions. The film's soundtrack is one of the pillars of the story: meticulously detailed and rich in influences, it synthesises the songwriters' compositional experience and their multifaceted, multi-genre talent. With a loop structure, the soundtrack opens and closes with the iconic Albini chorus, key characters in the film whose voices evoke its surreal atmospheres and kick-start the two protagonists' journey into the depths of Sicily.

As Colapesce DiMartino set off for a poetic and surrealistic road movie across Sicily, the score offers a one-of-a-kind taste of their delightfully crafted retro-tinged cinematic pop music, with other tracks nodding to the brass and Rhodes-heavy crime funk legacy of Poliziesco as well as to abrasive blues rock, ethereal religious music and experimental instrumentals reminiscent of the Italian library music tradition.

"La primavera della mia vita" is a soundtrack that perfectly describes the roller coaster of the duo's journey: surreal, full of contrasts and rich in inspiration, it outlines a listening experience that tastes like a dip in the Mediterranean. The soundtrack contains a few surprises inside, to be announced soon. 


A1. Il coro degli albini (prologo)
A2. Stanco stanco stanco
A3. Il borbottio dei giorni (clarino)
A4. Il cuore è un malfattore
A5. Il cuore è un malfattore (coda)
A6. Le mandorle non crescono d'inverno
A7. Monobonificario
A8. I love you mbare
A9. L'albero cosmico
A10. Sofia

B1.Il ricatto gentile (Siliconista)
B2. Speedy pizzo
B3. Il borbottio dei giorni (voci)
B4. La spiaggia
B5. La spiaggia sul cratere centrale
B6. La primavera della mia vita
B7. Semeniti
B8.Le mandorle non crescono d'inverno (Etna)
B9. Suore sommozzatrici
B10. Equilibrio cosmico lombare
B11. Il ricatto gentile (professore)
B12. Te ne vai senza di me all'orizzonte
B13. Il coro degli albini (Epilogo)
B14. Splash